Working with children from a rights-based approach

Working with children from a rights-based approach covers key aspects of child rights and facilitating child and youth participation.

Child participation

Child Rights

Working with children's groups

Facilitating children and young people's participation

Planting Equality

Planting Equality will equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand and address gender differences and inequalities in the context of our daily work.

Planting Equality for Senior Management

Planting Equality for Programme Staff – Beginner/ Intermediate/Advanced

Planting Equality for Communications Staff

Planting Equality for Administration, HR, IT and Finance Staff

Comprehensive School Safety

Helps understand the Concepts of Comprehensive School Safety, tools and methodologies used.

Six modules are:

Introduction to basic concepts in DRM Comprehensive School Safety

Pillar one – Safe Learning facilities, Pillar two – School Disaster Management, Pillar three - Risk reduction and Resilience education

Cross-cutting issues in Safe schools