This course consists of two modules that aim to build communication, collaboration, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, to enable greater control in conflict situations. In addition, the second module, Tackling Conflict: Handling Emotions, considers the emotions of anger, fear and grief. Please note the second module is dependent on successfully completing module one, Tackling Conflict: Some Basic Skills.

The course is experiential and builds on the experience of the participants which should be shared and deepened throughout the course.

As community workers, we aim to support harmonious change in our communities in order to improve the living conditions of the people, particularly children, living there, so that they can reach their full potential as human beings.

Our aim is to do so in a non-violent way, causing a minimum of conflict and indeed promoting harmony. In fact, the success of our work depends on us doing so. However, most of us encounter more conflict and violence in our lives than we would like.

During this course, we will analyse conflict and violence, and develop skills in non-violent conflict resolution, so that participants can reduce the levels of conflict in their lives by learning to deal with conflict in less violent ways.

The first module Tackling Conflict: Some Basic Skills is complete in itself but is a pre-requisite for the second module. Both can be followed Face-to-Face or Online. However, the community built during both of these is very important and so considerable work in Moodle fora is encouraged during the Online course.

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* Currently, there are no upcoming modules planned but please do register your interest on the Tackling Conflict: Some Basic Skills and once enough learners have registered a module will be scheduled.