Plan International re-launched the global emergency roster for deployments to ensure we are able to provide surge capacity to Country Offices during crises. This event will strengthen the skills and capacities of core roster members so that programmes are of high quality and aligned with the global strategy. The event seeks to build capacity across the organisation. 

This is a competitive application process. The applications will be reviewed based on criteria identified by the selection panel.  We are looking for Programme and Operational Roster Members from COs, NOs and ROs to apply.  Your application must be supported by your Head of Office. If there is no supporting statement given, your application will not be considered by the panel. 

Applications need to be submitted to no later than Tuesday 27 February 2018. 

The aim of this skills development is to build the skills of national staff to deploy internationally and represent Plan International effectively with donors, clusters and peer agencies, as well as ensuring high quality programmes. Focus will be on:  

1) Plan International’s approach to DRM and disaster response  

2) Gender in emergencies  

4) Representation of the organisation  

5) DRM Tools 

The training is being run in two locations, East Asia, (20 – 25 May 2018) and Africa (17 – 22 June 2018). Venues to be confirmed.  Duration of the training is 6 days for each event. 

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Do not use the form on the following page to apply.


5 hours pre-course work required online
Face-to-face 6 Day training 
Target group For all Plan International Staff that are on the emergency roster
Qualification A certificate after attendance

Roster Member Area