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Welcome to Plan Academy Connect Connect - General Forum

Welcome to the Plan Academy Connect site - an area to share with others and learn more about Child Rights Programming. If you are new to the site - you are welcome to introduce yourself below. Browse the forums and topics below, create new subjects or respond to questions. If you have any ...

Plan Academy Facilitators

Welcome to the Plan Academy Facilitators forum.

By the end of March 2016 we expect to have 110 staff and partners who have gone through the Plan Academy facilitators’ course.  What an amazing achievement!

However, we know that any of us who have trained and are proficient facilitators still ...

Facilitators Forum - Philippines
This Facilitators Connect has been setup for the facilitators trained in the Philippines who would like to discuss and exchange views in local language.  
working in an urban world Working in an Urban World

Rapid urban growth and urbanisation in the developing world changes the environment in which children and young people grow up in and also the environment in which Plan and partners are carrying out their programmes. Urban environments are characterised by different dynamics to those of rural ...

Learning, Design & Delivery Helping Others to Learn

This forum has been set up for those who are taking the module Helping others to Learn. You can access it on the Plan Academy here. The forum s being monitored by learning specialists who aim to reply within 3 days of posting. 

Working with Partners Working with Partners 3
Working with young people as partners Working with young people as partners

Plan’s 2013 Strategy for Youth Engagement in Internal Decision Making commits the organisation to setting up Youth Advisory Panels in all national and country office by 2020.

Share your experiences and questions here!


Tackling Exclusion Tackling Exclusion

Here from previous learners, meet upcoming facilitators and find out more about the content of upcoming courses. This is the place to ask questions about whether the course is for? How many hours people dedicated to the modules? What learners enjoyed and advice from learners and facilitators. 

Plan Academy Webinars Plan Academy Webinars

Welcome to this forum.  Every month the Plan Academy and GAT host a webinar where participants can meet specialists in their field to learn and discuss topics.  We realise that a one hour webinar only allows limited interaction, so we are starting this forum where we can prepare attendees for ...

Economic Security Economic Security

Savings groups, youth employment all help towards economic security. Share your experiences and ask any questions you may have relating to this topic here!

WARO children and Youth ‘speak out’ to end Violence Against Children WARO children and Youth ‘speak out’ to end Violence Against Children

Plan International WARO Children and youth advisory board on Violence Against children (VAC) forum; is a platform for interaction, learning, idea exchange, information, experience and best practices sharing, by children. Youth and Plan International Staff from the 12 WAR countries and 02 ...